While pregnant with my first baby in 2017 and scanning the internet for the “it” nursing cover, I was surprised to see it didn’t exist.  There were a number or kitschy ‘milk mama’ type covers with patterns in slinky fabrics, but nothing that really stuck out.  Not knowing what it was actually going to be like to breastfeed, I purchased the chicest one I could find, a black and gold striped scarf in the shape of a circle.  I couldn’t figure out how this shape made sense, but assumed it would all come together once the baby arrived and I actually learned how to breastfeed.

I had our baby girl, Bee, that November and luckily the whole breastfeeding thing came easily. The nursing cover, on the other hand, did not. With the revolving door of visitors, I didn’t want to have to leave every time I nursed, so would find myself constantly fidgeting to cover up or using multiple scarves to make sure I wasn’t exposing myself unknowingly.

Luckily, Christmas rolled around a few weeks later and my mom gifted me a beautiful cashmere poncho. I was wearing it one day and realized I didn’t need to get my nursing cover, because I could just throw Bee under the poncho and voila! problem solved.  After this experience, I never looked back, and the cashmere poncho became my nursing cover.  Every time I would throw it on to breastfeed, people would comment and ask me where I got it.  That’s when the lightbulb went off, I should create my own nursing poncho, adapting the shape and fabric to better meet the needs of a mama and babe; lightweight, easy to clean and sits just right.

The bee+roo poncho design is simple, practical and solves the common problem I was facing of how to look chic and discreet while nursing in public.  Not only is it functional, but being made of cashmere, it is beautiful and cozy for mom and baby.  It’s easy to throw in your bag, can also be worn while pregnant and can be draped over the car seat to shield baby from sun and wind.

The name bee+roo comes from the way in which, like the kangaroo, the poncho keeps our babies cozy, covered and close to our chest. And Bee, of course, is an ode to our baby girl, my inspiration behind the brand :)

I hope you enjoy your bee+roo as we continue to grow our line of functional cashmere for moms + babies!

xx meg

[from our first photoshoot, in 2019]

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