why do we love cashmere?

not only is it our favorite textile, it also has many benefits which make it ideal for mama + baby…

  • hydrophobic – cashmere is naturally hydrophobic which means it repels water/liquid [hello spit up and water spills!], making it easy to keep clean
  • breathable – as we know, body temperatures fluctuate dramatically throughout pregnancy and postpartum, fortunately, cashmere allows your body to breathe which helps regulate temperature [unlike synthetic fabrics]. because of this, baby is also kept safe while nursing or being shielded in their carseat
  • lightweight – so it won’t weigh down your diaper bag
  • wrinkle-resistant – stored correctly, cashmere doesn’t wrinkle easily, which makes it great for travel and being on the go
  • hypoallergenic – perfect for delicate baby skin or those with allergies
  • cozy – snuggly and soft, cashmere will comfort both mama + baby
  • timeless – a material that lasts and never goes out of style, cashmere is meant to be worn for years to come – good for you & the environment